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The Hagedorn Group sets the standard in quality, efficiency, and reliability. And does so under hand and seal. Whoever is in the demolition and removal business carries a high responsibility for both employees and the environment. We allow our processes and services to be regularly tested and neutrally appraised by accredited trade associations. Hagedorn possesses all of the certificates that a modern demolition company can obtain in the fields of demolition, decontamination, and disposal.


Hagedorn GmbH has had the Certificate of Credit since July 2013. CrefoZert – the seal of quality of our credit. The certificate is valid for one year and involves a continual monitoring of credit. The credit rating is based on a professional analysis of the annual accounts by Creditreform Rating AG as well as credit information from the Creditreform economic databank. In addition, the current situation and the future outlook is determined by a Creditreform expert on site with the aid of a personal survey.


Since September 2009, the Association for Prequalification has placed Hagedorn on the list of prequalified companies. Prequalification is the up front, non-order-related inspection of proof of suitability corresponding to the requirements defined in § 8 VOB/A. Any company that possesses it and is interested in pursuing public contracts can prove its suitability to public contracting authorities at considerably reduced costs.


Hagedorn GmbH obtained the unrestricted safety management system certificate SCC** (VCA**). SCC (Safety Certificate for Contractors) is an international standard for safety, health, and environmental protection management for technical services that is active in the business premises of the employer. The requirements of the subcontractor are coherently defined in it. Contractors are designated as outside firms that are active on the premises of the customer and that render technical services such as demolition work. The SCC standards were developed to unify the requirements of the contractors regarding worker health and safety as well as environmental protection. It is arranged in two grades (SCC* and SCC**), which testify to different types and amounts of appraisal factors, auditing, and compulsory questions. It is a measure that is used on a voluntary basis to denote the design and certification of a safety system. The compliance with the standard is monitored by an independent auditing agency.

RAL-Label of Quality

Demolition works HA 3 - AB - AK The RAL German Institute for Quality Assurance and Labelling, and especially the RAL Quality Group for Demolition Works, continually and neutrally monitor the high quality of products and services. Hagedorn is not only RAL certified for the demolition of individual sections of buildings (AB), but also for demolition works in contaminated areas (AK). This requires a high measure of safety, which the Hagedorn team guarantees, as well as the abatement of emissions as stipulated. The institute also recognises the demolition of buildings higher than twenty metres (HA 3).

DEKRA § 56

Certification as a waste disposal specialised company according to § 56 of the Recycling Management Act (KrWG) The certificate may only be conferred if the enterprise fulfils its functions with proper awareness of the necessary requirements regarding its organisation, personnel, technical and other equipment, and activities, including the reliability, skills and general knowledge of its personnel. In the certificate, the activities of the company, especially related to its location and facilities as well as its types of waste, are specifically certified. The certificate is limited. The date of expiration may not last longer than eighteen months. The presence of the qualification is verified at least once per year by the technical monitoring organisation (DEKRA).

Written release

To the tax deduction for construction services according to §48 b paragraph 1 clause 1 of the Income Tax Act (EStG)

Top 13 in d&ri magazine

Zertificate-d&ri100 2017

RAL-Label of Quality

RG 501/1 Recycled building materials RAL-RG 501/1 regulates the type and extent of the inspections of recycled building materials that are used in roadmaking and other transportation surfaces, in civil engineering, concerning technical structures in earthworks and landscaping. Morevoer, the inspections are to ensure a consistent approach of manufacture, and the creation of requirements for consistent labelling and judgment.

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