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    Erd-, Tief- und Straßenbau

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As a full service contractor the Hagedorn Group assumes responsibility for the entire range of services, including Demolition, Redevelopment, Disposal and Recycling as well as Earthworks, Development works, Revitalisation and the Development of new Utilisation concepts. 
The advantage: One contact person for the entire development - even for complex projects.

Environmental Rehabilitation

Hagedorn is active throughout the Federal Republic as an experienced specialist in the areas of demolition and environmental rehabilitation. The systematic removal of buildings and facilities of every size is our expertise. We provide satisfied customers with the most modern removal technology, well conceived planning, prudent execution, and high dependability. more ...

Roadmaking materials

Saving resources: As an ultramodern recycling centre, the Gütersloher Wertstoffzentrum GmbH (GWG) can accept hazardous debris with unlimited pollutant loads. With its distinctly large acceptance catalogue and the professional processing of materials and handling, utilisation, and disposal of waste, the GWG sets ecological standards and creates added value. more ...


A professional like Hagedorn can guarantee a project’s success even in difficult terrain. With highly efficient and modern technology, we can solve your challenges, whether in constructive earthworks, improving the quality of the ground, the adaptation of large areas, or in the handling of contaminated soils. Customers appreciate our spirit of teamwork, which ensures the optimal cooperation of everyone involved in the process. more ...

Utilisation concepts

Revitalising rather than sealing properties. Hagedorn Revital GmbH ensures the emergence of logistical and retail centres at top locations in Germany. Hagedorn’s real estate experts coordinate the conversion of surfaces that had earlier been used for industry, railroads, harbours, or mining while considering both contemporary urban-planning concepts and the corresponding needs of companies.
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